Residential Lot Grading

Gradex Consulting Ltd. is contacted by the Home Builder when a new home is ready for lot-grading. We then layout grade-stakes in preparation for the lot grading and coordinate with your excavator or bobcat service (if the builder requires it, we will bring in our own machines to grade the lot). Once the lot grading is completed, we check the grades and a lot grading certificate from the proper surveyor will be issued to the builder and the proper authorities for approval. Our service will follow the grading process until the builder receives their Rough Grade approval.

Residential Lot Grading is one component of landscaping your property. When your lot is graded correctly it nsures proper drainage away from your home. This minimizes any water seepage into your home, as well as, any pooling in your yard. Proper grading will drain excess water and moisture away from your home and off your lot.