Landscaping Care

Sod Maintenance Tips:

  • Watering the first 12 hours after new sod has been laid down is when it is most vulnerable to drying out, this includes sod laid in late fall – We recommend watering until snow fall.
  • Ensure you have enough hose to reach all corners of your new yard having a reliable sprinkler is also necessary for proper watering of the entire yard. We suggest not watering by hand as water distribution is not even.
  • New sod should be water to the point that soil is soft when stepping on it – approximately 30-40 minutes per area.
  • Watering between the hours of 8AM and 6PM are NOT recommended as grass acts like a magnifying glass and will burn your new sod – we suggest early morning or later evening watering is the best.
  • Try to keep off your new sod as much as possible except when watering; walking on your freshly watered sod can create uneven grass or low spots on your property.
  • We recommend not cutting new sod until it is at least 6 inches long – approximately two weeks after install.

*Sod is NOT warrantied.*

Tree & Shrub Maintenance Tips:

  • Trees and shrubs should be on the same watering schedule as sod.
  • Leaves will turn yellow from over watering and brown if not watered enough.
  • Do not put fabric, rock and or mulch around trees and shrubs unless leaving a hole in the fabric large enough to provide good aeration around base of tree or shrub. Fabric holds moisture in the ground and can cause root rot.
  • Do not pile excess dirt around base of trees and shrubs this can cause root rot.
  • In late fall we recommend watering trees and shrubs very well this helps with premature budding in the spring.
  • During the winter months if we receive warm weather we suggest watering trees and shrubs to help ensure premature thawing.
  • Some exceptions may apply to the warranty such as 3rd party damage, lack of maintenance including watering.

*Trees and shrubs are guaranteed for 1 year – Warranty is limited to a one time replacement*

Fall Maintenance Tips:

  • For final cut of the sod we recommend a length of approximately 1 1⁄4 inches.
  • Lawns need water whenever it is dry, no matter what season.
  • Remove fallen leaved on your lawn by raking or mulching with your lawn mower as they may smother your grass.
  • Clear your lawn prior to snow fall as object left on grass can create dead spots.
  • Pruning is part of tree and shrub maintenance to ensure healthy growth. Pruning dead or damaged branched will help plants growth and overall beauty.